Why Lehenga Saree is the Perfect Outfit for this Wedding Season? A Guide to Quick Draping

by Saurabh Patel on Oct 15, 2022

Lahenga Sarees

Want to try something new but are bored of wearing the same outfit to every important event? A lehenga saree should be your first pick for this wedding season. It's a gorgeous blend of a saree and a classic lehenga with a contemporary twist. The outfit contains all of the necessary elements for a classic function with a modern twist. Indian women have long worn lehengas and sarees. 


During the wedding and festival season, they wore these dresses as their go-to clothes. Modern women want something new that retains Indian culture's traditional values while also giving them a beautiful image, but with the passage of time and fast-changing fashion trends, this is becoming increasingly challenging. At the same moment, they do not want to give up comfort. The lehenga saree is the ideal substitute for traditional Indian clothes, and it offers everything a modern woman could want.

How does a lehenga-style saree differ from traditional Indian dresses?

We've noticed that while the majority of Indian brides wear lehengas, ladies from certain regions of India wear sarees. Anyone can wear a saree or a lehenga on their wedding day; the option is entirely theirs. For Bengali and South Indian brides, sarees are the appropriate bridal dress.

  1. Trendy and Glamorous

This garment's appeal stems from a variety of factors. The ensemble is undeniably fashionable and stylish. While meeting the needs of modern ladies, it just adds to the wearer's beauty and charm.

  1. Easy to Drape

Sarees in the lehenga style are easier to drape than conventional sarees.This saves time and energy and is quick and easy. The most challenging part of saree draping is creating precise pleats. If you don't pleat your saree properly, it might utterly ruin your appearance. You save time and effort by wearing lehenga sarees. Because the entire garment is comprised of semi-stitched cloth, it is easy to drape.

  1. Easy to Carry

Lehenga sarees are becoming increasingly popular among young females since they are more practical. Not only is it simple to drape, and it is also simple to carry. Without having to be concerned about tangling the pleats, women may be carefree. The skirt of the dress is stitched with pre-made pleats, giving it the perfect fall and flare.

There are a variety of styles to choose from

A variety of styles are available for this attire There are many different fabric types, colours, pleating designs, and embroidery options. Several trendy materials, including net, velvet, georgette, jacquard, and chiffon, were used to create the perfect fall look for this ensemble. You may, however, combine a few of these opulent materials. Before you go, wear a gorgeous ensemble of sewed-together net skirts and georgette pallus.

How to Wear a Lehenga Style Saree?

Lehengas are popular among Indian women. Sarees are no exception. Consider wearing a lehenga instead of your customary saree! Does that grab your attention? Yes, because it enhances your beauty and gives it a fashionable edge, wearing this lehenga saree will make you love yourself even more. You can enhance your beauty by complimenting yourself with an easy-to-manage saree style.

Lehenga sarees have become the latest trend in this fast-paced world because of how simple and convenient they are to tie. Lehenga-style saree, thankfully, is not only a time saver but also a simpler version of the conventional style. It is guaranteed that the combination of two traditional dress forms will improve your appearance.

Draping styles for lehenga sarees.

The basic drape of this garment is simple, but you may get creative with the pallu. A trendy pallu drape can radically transform the look of a garment.

  • Classic Draping

The classic pallu hanging style is appropriate for a relaxed evening gathering or an afternoon occasion. When wearing this style, simply drape one end of the pallu around the front and over the left shoulder for a simple yet attractive look.

  • Pleated Waterfall Style

Make boxy pleats along the length of the lehenga saree, a little wider than normal, after tying it around your waist. Allow the pallu to fall to the back while holding it in place with a pin on the left shoulder.

  • Butterfly Style

Pleats should be thinly knotted for a classy appearance. In this outfit, you can flaunt your toned stomach. It looks good with a saree that has elaborate borders in the lehenga style.

The pallu style should be open

This is the simplest yet most elegant way to drape a lehenga saree. This works best whenever the pallus are skillfully made. Simply throw the pallu over your shoulder while leaving it open.

  • Double Pallu

A second dupatta would add the finishing touch. If you cover the opposite shoulder with a contrasting dupatta, your lehenga saree will appear more opulent. Skip the lehenga or saree this wedding season in favour of a lehenga-style saree. see more design of pattu half sarees visit Kanakadara.